Reporting damp and mould

Dealing with damp and mould is often a complex process. In order to treat it successfully we need to identify what is causing the issue and this can often be a process of elimination.

We will do everything we can to identify the cause of damp and mould and treat the affected areas in our homes as quickly as possible. This may mean that we need to visit your home more than once and try different things to identify and eliminate it.

While we identify the root cause of the issue, we will work with you to help manage presence of damp and mould and reduce its presence within the property. 

The most common cause of damp and mould in any property is condensation. This is caused when warm air meets cold air and water settles on surfaces, such as walls and windows. This is why damp and mould is commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens.

In the winter, when it’s cold outside and warm inside, the risk of damp and mould increases significantly, and we often see the number of reports from tenants increase during the colder months.

The best way to reduce the risk of damp and mould caused by condensation in your home is through good ventilation. However, damp and mould can be caused by a number of things including leaking pipes, leaking roofs and rising damp.

If caught early, damp and mould is relatively easy to deal with so, it is important that you report any instances of damp and mould to our team. This will help us identify what is causing it and treat it quickly.  

Reporting damp and mould is simple.

You can report it to our team in person, by telephone, or by email using the details on our contact page. Alternatively, you can use the form below.