Your repairs


Our repair service will help to keep your home in good order, but there are some repairs that are your responsibility and we don’t carry out for you.

The most common issues we receive calls about – but are in fact a tenant’s responsibility – include:

  • filling minor internal cracks and holes.
  • replacing toilet seats.
  • unblocking bath, basin or sink waste pipes.
  • repairs to dividing garden fences.
  • fitting curtain rails.

Your Tenant handbook and our How to report a repair leaflet can be found in the ‘Library’ and will give you more detail about the repairs you are responsible for, and those we take care of on your behalf. If in doubt, please get in touch with us.

If you feel confident in carrying out these DIY jobs yourself, you may find useful ‘how to…’ videos on YouTube that will guide you through some basic tasks.