Managing ASB


Anti-social behaviour (ASB) affects our tenants’ quality of life, so we are committed to tackling and reducing this problem in our communities and neighbourhoods.

We have two dedicated Tenancy Compliance Officers who investigate cases and take action where there is clear evidence of a breach of tenancy and/or anti-social behaviour on our estates.

We work closely with colleagues in the Neighbourhood Housing team, and have developed some great working relationships with the Police, Forest of Dean District Council, Gloucester City Council and Herefordshire Council Community Safety Partnerships.

If you wish to report an incident of anti-social behaviour, please go to our ‘Report…’ section.

What ASB is, and how we investigate

Anti-social behaviour is ‘behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to members of the public not of the same household as the perpetrator’.

For example:

  • Assault; threatening behaviour; domestic abuse; verbal abuse.
  • Hate crime; incitement.
  • Loud music; excessive dog barking.
  • Rubbish dumping.
  • Drug dealing.
  • Damage to Two Rivers Housing property.

We will not necessarily become involved in all disputes between neighbours. In particular, we will not investigate:

  • Actions which amount to residents going about their normal everyday activities, eg children playing.
  • Complaints of people staring.
  • People being unpleasant to each other, but which does not justify our involvement.
  • People with lifestyles that offend others, eg issues about parenting, who people socialise with, how they dress and what they do in their own homes – UNLESS the behaviour is a breach of tenancy.

When you contact us, we will tell you which of the following three priorities your complaint falls in to:

  • Priority 1 – Very serious, eg actual and/or threats of violence. These will be responded to within one working day.
  • Priority 2 – Serious, eg threatening or intimidating behaviour. These will be responded to within two working days.
  • Priority 3 – Minor, eg noise from domestic appliances or parking complaints. These will be responded to within seven working days.

You can find out more about ASB and how we deal with it in the ‘Downloads and links’ on this page, and in the leaflets in our ‘Library‘.