Our development programme

Building site 7

We have an active programme of building a range of high quality, energy-efficient homes across Gloucestershire to meet demand from single people, couples and families. Typically, these are:

  • 1 and 2 bedroom flats
  • 2 bedroom bungalows
  • 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom houses

We have also built a number of innovative “˜flexible’ one-bedroom flats. These are specifically designed to reflect the current trend for smaller homes, but with generous proportions that allow walls to be moved or added with ease to create a second bedroom, if demand or circumstances change.

Our homes are available in various tenures, ranging from social/affordable rent to shared ownership and homes for outright sale, in a bid to make sure there is something to suit everyone – regardless of their age, family commitments or their stage in life.

We are also focused on incorporating energy-saving measures wherever possible, in a bid to keep residents’ household bills to a minimum. Previous schemes have included solar panels, rainwater harvesting, air source heat pumps and high levels of insulation.

The following are some of the ways developments are financed.

  • We bid for funds through Homes England (formerly the Homes and Communities Agency) and local authority partners.
  • We use our own subsidy to pay for developments. Funds raised from selling our existing property on the private market allow us to build new homes – on average we can build two new homes for each one we sell.
  • Commercial activities, such as building homes for private sale through our Tandem Living brand, generate income that allows us to cross-subsidise the provision of more affordable or social rented homes.