Many of the leaflets, reports and newsletters published by Two Rivers Housing are held on this page.

However, if you are looking for something specific and can’t see it here, please just let us know and we’ll do our best to find it for you.

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Adaptations – understanding the process
Administration charges
ASB: Incident log – cover sheet
ASB: What action might be taken?
ASB: What happens if there’s a complaint about me?
Carbon monoxide safety – information and advice guide
Charities and support services
Defects: Understanding your new home
Electrical rewiring programme
Health and safety handbook for tenants
Home energy advice – Economy 7
Home energy advice – Heating controls
Home energy advice – Lighting
Home energy advice – Money-saving tips
Home energy advice – Night storage heaters
Home energy advice – Pre-payment meters
Home energy advice – Reading your gas or electricity meter
Home energy advice – Understanding your electricity bill
Home energy advice – Understanding your gas bill
Home energy advice – What uses watt
Keeping Kids Safe – activity sheets
Keeping Kids Safe poster – bathtime
Keeping Kids Safe poster – bedtime
Keeping Kids Safe poster – car seats
Keeping Kids Safe poster – mealtime
Keeping Kids Safe poster – playtime
Kitchen and bathroom programme
Leaseholders’ rights and responsibilities
Right to buy and right to acquire
Service Charges – Tenants’ rights and obligations
Shared owners’ rights and responsibilities
Termination of tenancy form
Toilet waste-disposal advice
Two Rivers Housing lettable standard
Universal Credit – Weather the storm flyer
Your new Shared Ownership Home – defects and repairs
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Compensation Policy V2 (Sep 2023)
CORE Privacy Notice – existing tenants
CORE Privacy Notice – new tenants
Disposals Policy (V5 (May 2022)
Home Ownership and Leaseholder Management Policy
Nuisance and anti-social behaviour policy
Preserved Right to Buy and the Right to Acquire Policy
Rent collection and arrears recovery policy
Rent setting and service charges policy
Safeguarding Vulnerable Children and Adults Policy
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Annual accounts 2016-17
Annual accounts 2017-18
Annual accounts 2018-19
Annual Report and Accounts 2021-2022
Annual report and Accounts 2022-2023
Annual Review 2020-2021
Complaint Code Self Assessment 2022
Complaints report 2023-2024
Health and safety performance report 2016-17
Health and safety performance report 2017-18
Health and safety performance report 2018-19
Tenant Satisfaction Measures 2023-2024
TRH homes (with table)
Value for money metrics 2017-18
Value for money position statement 2018-19
Value for money position statement 2019-20
Value for money position statement 2020-21
Value for money self assessment 2016-17
Value for Money Statement 2022-2023
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Autumn 2018 (inc Annual review)
Autumn 2023 (includes Annual Review)
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Tenants’ Voice Agenda July 2024
Tenants’ Voice Terms of Reference