Today we’re saying a #BigHousingThankYou

Wednesday 20th May marks #BigHousingThankYou – a day to celebrate Britain’s frontline housing workers – the unsung heroes of lockdown.

We want to spend some time shining a light on the brilliant effort and hard work of our frontline workers, as well as frontline works across the country. They have worked tirelessly through these difficult times, helping to keep tenants safe and well.

Garry King, Chief Executive at Two Rivers Housing added:
“Working for TRH is more than just any other job; it is all about making a difference and caring for others and for communities.
I know how committed our team of employees are during normal times and this is amplified now during our fight against this pernicious virus.
When we care about something it usually means we want it to succeed and I know we are all succeeding by keeping the organisation going and providing services to our tenants, many of whom are vulnerable, and where many feel the same anxieties we all feel for our family, friends and own personal health.
I would like to say a big and heartfelt thank you to you all for the great efforts you are making in looking after our tenants, communities and importantly your families, friends and yourselves. The success of Two Rivers Housing is your success and you’re helping people to secure one of the most important building blocks for a healthy happy life – a secure and affordable home.
We are doing as well as could be expected and making plans for the future confident in the knowledge that we have a committed team in place to take us there.”

Here are some of the thank you messages from both our tenants and team to show our appreciation for the hard work they have been putting in during this difficult time.