Grass cutting

Many of the areas around our properties have communal green space which the whole community can enjoy and benefit from.

We maintain these areas all year round by cutting the grass, pruning shrubs, and keeping the weeds under control, and the cost is shared between tenants, private owners who bought their home from us after 2003 and leaseholders who live in the neighbourhood. The service is delivered on our behalf by Centigen Facilities Management.

The level of grass-cutting service provided depends upon the type of home in each area:

  • Most people benefit from a ‘standard‘ cut where the cuttings are collected for the first four cuts at the beginning of the season, then they are left in place during the rest of the season. This releases 30% of the nutrients required by the lawn back into it, helping to keep moisture in the soil, creating a healthier lawn.
  • HomePlus residents pay extra for an ‘enhanced‘ cut. For this service, the grass is cut and collected every two weeks.
  • Areas where our homes are out-numbered by home-owners (who do not contribute towards the cost of the service) receive a ‘reduced cut-and-drop’ four times a year. Again the cuttings are left in place during the rest of the season to releas nutrients back into the grassed areas, helping to keep moisture in the soil and creating a healthier lawn.. Due to the less frequent cutting the grass is longer and more visible than in the areas we cut more frequently.

During the winter months, our ground’s maintenance team focusses on trimming trees, shrubs, and hedges, collecting fallen leaves, spraying moss and weeds, power-sweeping, turfing, and litter-picking.

If you have any questions about the service you receive, please speak to your Neighbourhood Housing Advisor.